Project IDIA


Project IDIA provides young women in challanging situations, especially victims of trafficking with alternative possibilities to empower themselves through handskill acquisition training and mentoring programm. Soley aimed to empower our self-employed designers - IDIA Designers, this project provides an atmosphere for them to individualy  develop thier creative ability. JEL - Joadre Empowerment Label owns a small working studio just next to NGO EXITs office. The Studio is dedicated to the women twice weekly. They are guided by a multilinguar team of coaches and creative minds. Our vision is to economically empower women in challanging situation. Every new participant we admit, every new design and technique a participant needs to learn, standard training facilities, work tools, dedicated personel and more, means additional cost and resource management for Ngo EXIT. Please contact EXIT directly  if you intend to be part of our vision. 
Our products are released in limited editions as collections. If you own a shop or boutique selling Exclusive unique products and wish to retail our products please contact us via mail -


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