20 million people live in debt bondage in India!!!!!5000 children as slaves in Haiti, also in Germany, in textile,construction,sex work, you can find victims of modern day slavery. 3sat Corinna Milborn as guest at Scobel 

German: Moderne Sklaverei
Gesetzlich verboten und abgeschafft - doch bis heute werden Menschen gewaltsam versklavt
In Haiti kostet ein Mädchen 50 Dollar. In Indien leben Schuldknechte in der dritten Generation. Obwohl die Sklaverei weltweit als abgeschafft gilt, schätzen Experten die Zahl der Menschen, die gewaltsam versklavt oder gegen ihren Willen zum Zweck der Ausbeutung gefangen gehalten werden, auf 27 Millionen. scobel über ein Thema, das wenig in der Öffentlichkeit stattfindet und gerne verdrängt wird.
Na Wa Festival, an awareness rasing festival on human trafficking was launched in Nigeria in June 2011. The second lap of the festival will be lanched in vienna soon. www.nawafestival.org

Hexen Kind


The Nigerian author and human right activist, Joana Adesuwa Reiterer would present her latest book on the 12th of October 2011 at the Viennese state library at 7pm. HexenKind, firstly released in German traces Joana's path to undercover one of the world most devastating modern crime "Witch hunting and violent practices against children based on Religion. Been affected by this crime, joana takes the chance to travel through her past and wake old memories. Register to attend event office@ngoexit.org
Since 2006, EXIT hhas been hosted on several wensites as www.ngoexit.org was not available. In sommer of 2011, we were lucky enogh to aquire our desired domain. Thanks to our voluntary workers, we have sucessfully launched the official website of EXIT.